Publications from the 2000s:
  1. The Nosé - Hoover Thermostated Lorentz Gas
  2. Computer Simulation of Irreversible Expansions via Molecular Dynamics, Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics, Eulerian, and Lagrangian Continuum Mechanics
  3. Finite-Precision Stationary States at and away from Equilibrium
  4. SPAM-Based Recipes for Continuum Simulations
  5. Dynamical Instabilities, Manifolds, and Local Lyapunov Spectra Far From Equilibrium
  6. Chaos, Ergodic Convergence, and Fractal Instability for a Thermostated Canonical Harmonic Oscillator
  7. Remarks on NonHamiltonian Statistical Mechanics: Lyapunov Exponents and Phase-Space Dimensionality Loss
  8. Fluctuations, Convergence Times, Correlation Functions, and Power Laws from Many-Body Lyapunov Spectra for Soft and Hard Disks
  9. Links Between Microscopic and Macroscopic Fluid Mechanics
  10. Smooth-Particle Boundary Conditions
  11. Smooth-Particle Applied Mechanics: Conservation of Angular Momentum with Tensile Stability and Velocity Averaging
  12. Large-System Phase-Space Dimensionality Loss in Stationary Heat Flows
  13. Time-Reversible Deterministic Thermostats
  14. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  15. Nosé Shuichi, 17 June 1951 --- 17 August 2005 --- In Memorium
  16. Smooth-Particle Phase Stability with Density and Density-Gradient Potentials
  17. Searching for Auxetics with DYNA3D and ParaDyn.
  18. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics: Reversible Irreversibility from Symmetry Breaking, Thermostats, Entropy Production, and Fractals
  19. Nosé - Hoover Nonequilibrium Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  20. The Second Law of Thermodynamics and MultiFractal Distribution Functions: Bin Counting, Pair Correlations, and the [definite failure of the] Kaplan-Yorke Conjecture
  21. Computational Physics with Particles---Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics and Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  22. 50 Joint Explorations [with Herr Prof Dr Harald Posch]
  23. Nosé - Hoover Nonequilibrium Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  24. Hamiltonian Dynamics of Thermostated Systems: Two-Temperature Heat-Conducting phi-4 Chains
  25. Computational Physics with Particles
  26. Nonequilibrium Temperature and Thermometry in Heat-Conducting phi-4 Models
  27. Phase-Space Growth Rates, Local Lyapunov Spectra, and Symmetry Breaking for Time-Reversible Dissipative Oscillators
  28. Simulation of Two- and Three-Dimensional Dense-Fluid Shear Flows via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics: Comparison of Time-and-Space-Averaged Stresses from Homogeneous Doll's and Sllod Shear Algorithms with those from Boundary-Driven Shear
  29. Tensor Temperature and Shockwave Stability in a Strong Two-Dimensional Shockwave
  30. Microscopic and Macroscopic Stress with Gravitational and Rotational Forces
  31. Single-Speed Molecular Dynamics of Hard Parallel Squares and Cubes
  32. Nonlinear Stresses and Temperatures in Transient Adiabatic and Shear Flows via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics -- Three Definitions of Temperature
  33. Shockwaves and Local Hydrodynamics; Failure of the Navier-Stokes Equations
  34. 50 Years of Computer Simulation -- a Personal View