Publications from the 2010s:
  1. Well-Posed Two-Temperature Constitutive Equations for Stable Dense Fluid Shockwaves using Molecular Dynamics and Generalizations of Navier-Stokes-Fourier Continuum Mechanics
  2. Time-reversed symmetry and covariant Lyapunov vectors for simple particle models in and out of thermal equilibrium
  3. Flexible Macroscopic Models for Dense-Fluid Shockwaves: Partitioning Heat and Work; Delaying Stress and Heat Flux; Two-Temperature Thermal Relaxation
  4. Three Lectures: Nemd, Spam, and Shockwaves
  5. Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in a Gaussian Galton Board (or Periodic Lorentz Gas) Using Long Periodic Orbits
  6. Maxwell and Cattaneo's Time-Delay Ideas Applied to Shockwaves and the Rayleigh-Benard Problem
  7. Free Energy Changes, Fluctuations, and Path Probabilities
  8. Local Gram-Schmidt and Covariant Lyapunov Vectors and Exponents for Three Harmonic Oscillator Problems
  9. Time's Arrow for Shockwaves ; Bit-Reversible Lyapunov and "Covariant" Vectors ; Symmetry Breaking
  10. Steady Periodic Shear Flow is Stable in Two Space Dimensions . Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics vs Navier-Stokes-Fourier Stability Theory -- A Comment on two Arxiv Contributions
  11. Another Hamiltonian "Thermostat" - Comments on arXiv Contributions arXiv:1203.5968, arXiv:1204.4412, arXiv:1205.3478, and arXiv:1206.0188
  12. Linking Microscopic Reversibility to Macroscopic Irreversibility, Emphasizing the Role of Deterministic Thermostats and Simple Examples, At and Away From Equilibrium
  13. Microscopic and Macroscopic Rayleigh-Benard Flows : Continuum and Particle Simulations, Turbulence, Fluctuations, Time Reversibility, and Lyapunov Instability
  14. Comment on "Logarithmic Oscillators: Ideal Hamiltonian Thermostats" - arXiv:1203.5968
  15. Time-Symmetry Breaking in Hamiltonian Mechanics
  16. Hamiltonian Thermostats Fail to Promote Heat Flow
  17. Time-Reversible Random Number Generators : Solution of Our Challenge by Federico Ricci-Tersenghi
  18. Why Instantaneous Values of the "Covariant" Lyapunov Exponents Depend upon the Chosen State-Space Scale
  19. Shockwave Compression and Joule-Thomson Expansion
  20. Heat Conduction, and the Lack Thereof, in Time-Reversible Dynamical Systems: Generalized Nosé-Hoover Oscillators with a Temperature Gradient
  21. What is Liquid? Lyapunov Instability Reveals Symmetry-Breaking Irreversibility Hidden within Hamilton's Many-Body Equations of Motion
  22. Ergodicity of a Time-Reversibly Thermostated Harmonic Oscillator and the 2014 Ian Snook Prize
  23. Deterministic Time-Reversible Thermostats : Chaos, Ergodicity, and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
  24. Ergodicity of the Martyna-Klein-Tuckerman Thermostat and the 2014 Snook Prize
  25. Ergodic Time-Reversible Chaos for Gibbs' Canonical Oscillator
  26. Comparison of Very Smooth Cell-Model Trajectories Using Five Symplectic and Two Runge-Kutta Integrators
  27. Ergodicity of a Singly-Thermostated Harmonic Oscillator
  28. Time-Reversible Ergodic Maps and the 2015 Ian Snook Prize
  29. Nonequilibrium Systems : Hard Disks and Harmonic Oscillators Near and Far From Equilibrium
  30. An Appreciation of Berni Julian Alder
  31. The Equivalence of Dissipation from Gibbs' Entropy Production with Phase-Volume Loss in Ergodic Heat-Conducting Oscillators
  32. A Tutorial: Adaptive Runge-Kutta Integration for Stiff Systems : Comparing the Nos\'e and Nos\'e-Hoover Oscillator Dynamics
  33. Order and Chaos in the One-Dimensional ϕ4 Model : N-Dependence and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  34. From Ann Arbor to Sheffield: Around the World in 80 Years. I
  35. Yokohama to Ruby Valley : Around the World in 80 Years. II
  36. Singly-Thermostated Ergodicity in Gibbs' Canonical Ensemble and the 2016 Ian Snook Prize
  37. Singly-Thermostated Ergodicity in Gibbs' Canonical Ensemble and the 2016 Ian Snook Prize Award
  38. Instantaneous Pairing of Lyapunov Exponents in Chaotic Hamiltonian Dynamics and the 2017 Ian Snook Prize
  39. Bit-Reversible Version of Milne's Fourth-Order Time-Reversible Integrator for Molecular Dynamics
  40. Fluctuation Theorem and Central Limit Theorem for the Time-Reversible Nonequilibrium Baker Map
  41. Time-Irreversibility is Hidden Within Newtonian Mechanics