Publications from the 1970s:

  1. Comparison of the Lattice-Dynamics and Cell-Model Approximations with Monte-Carlo Thermodynamic Properties
  2. Comparison of Lennard-Jones and Exponential-Six Pair Potentials for Solid Argon at Low Pressure
  3. Soft-Sphere Equations of State
  4. Helmholtz Free-Energy Bounds from High-Temperature Series?
  5. Hard-Sphere Pressure Bound from a Reformulation of Solid-Phase Thermodynamics
  6. Thermodynamic Properties of Compressed Solid Hydrogen
  7. Statistical Theories of Melting
  8. Comparison of Classical Monte Carlo Experiments with Self-Consistent Phonon Theory: Elastic Constants for Solid Xenon
  9. Comparison of Classical Monte Carlo Experiments with Improved Self-Consistent Phonon Theory: Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Xe
  10. Thermodynamic Properties of the Fluid and Solid Phase for Inverse Power Potentials
  11. Statistical Mechanics of Phase Diagrams. I. Inverse Power Potentials and the Close-Packed to Body-Centered Cubic Transition
  12. Exact Dynamical Basis for a Fluctuating Cell Model
  13. High-Density Hydrogen Research
  14. Number Dependence of Small-Crystal Thermodynamics Properties. I.
  15. Correlation of Theory and Experiment for High-Pressure Hydrogen
  16. Argon Shear Viscosity via a Lennard-Jones Potential with Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  17. Two-Dimensional Computer Studies of Crystal Stability and Fluid Viscosity
  18. Statistical Analysis of Classical Few-Particle Systems
  19. Dense-Fluid Shear Viscosity via Nonequililbrium Molecular Dynamics
  20. Dense-Fluid Shear Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity The Excess
  21. Generalized van der Waals Equation of State
  22. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  23. Microscopic Fracture Studies in the Two-Dimensional Triangular Lattice
  24. Shear Viscosity via Periodic Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  25. Computer Simulation of Hexagonal Ice
  26. Steady State Dislocation Motion via Molecular Dynamics
  27. Statistical Mechanics
  28. Edge-Dislocation Displacements in an Elastic Strip
  29. A Uniformly Moving Edge Dislocation in an Elastic Strip
  30. Nonlinear Dislocation Motion via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  31. Exact Hard-Disk Free Volumes
  32. Structure of a Shock-Wave Front in a Liquid
  33. Pressure-Volume Work Exercises Illustrating the First and Second Laws