Publications from the 1990s:
  1. Lyapunov Instability of Pendulums, Chains, and Strings
  2. Time-Reversible Molecular Motion and Macroscopic Irreversibility
  3. Million-Atom Plane-Strain Indentation Studies via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  4. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics - Past, Present, and Future
  5. Time-Reversible Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Isothermal-Isobaric Simulations via Centered-Difference Stoermer Algorithms
  6. Nonequilibrium Free Energy, Coarse-Graining, and the Liouville Equation
  7. Large-Scale Elastic-Plastic Indentation Simulations via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  8. Irreversible Processes from Reversible Mechanics
  9. Simulation of Mechanical Deformation via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  10. Effects of Pairwise versus Many-Body Forces in High-Stress Plastic Deformation
  11. Molecular Dynamics and Irreversibility, from Boltzmann to Nosé
  12. Heat Transfer Between Two Degrees of Freedom
  13. Massively-Parallel Computer Simulation of Plane-Strain Elastic-Plastic Flow via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics and Lagrangian Continuum Mechanics
  14. Fractal Dimension of Steady Nonequilibrium Flows
  15. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  16. Viscous Attractor for the Galton Board
  17. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics at Livermore and Los Alamos
  18. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics of Classical Fluids
  19. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics: the First 25 Years
  20. Thermal Heat Reservoirs via Gauss' Principle of Least Constraint; Dissipation, Chaos, and Phase-Space Dimensionality Loss in One-Dimensional Chains
  21. Free Energy via Thermostatted Dynamic Potential-Energy Changes
  22. Prediction and the spiteful computer
  23. Molecular Dynamics of Silicon Indentation
  24. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  25. Computational Diagnostics for Detecting Phase Transitions During Nanoindentation
  26. Microscopic and Macroscopic Dynamics
  27. Comment I on "Possible Experiment to Check the Reality of a Nonequilibrium Temperature"
  28. Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics and Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  29. Second-Law Irreversibility and Phase-Space Dimensionality Loss from Time-Reversible Nonequilibrium Steady-State Lyapunov Spectra
  30. Molecular Dynamics, Smoothed-Particle Applied Mechanics, and Irreversibility
  31. Time-Reversible Continuum Mechanics
  32. Shear Viscosity via Global Control of Spatiotemporal Chaos in Two-Dimensional Isoenergetic Dense Fluids
  33. Remark on "Some Simple Chaotic Flows"
  34. Comment on "Two Disks in a Box"
  35. Large-System Hydrodynamic Limit
  36. Nonequilibrium Simulations
  37. Visualization Techniques for Molecular Dynamics
  38. Accurate Symplectic Integrators via Random Sampling
  39. Vibrational Properties of Small Two-Dimensional Crystals
  40. Steady-State Shear Flows via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics and Smooth-Particle Applied Mechanics
  41. Temperature, Least Action, and Lagrangian Mechanics
  42. Viscous Conducting Flows with Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  43. Lyapunov Instability in a System of Hard Disks in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Steady States
  44. Kinetic Moments Method for the Canonical Ensemble Distribution
  45. Time-Reversible Disspative Ergodic Maps
  46. Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Thermomechanics for an Effective Pair Potential Used in Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  47. Numerical Heat Conductivity in Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  48. Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  49. Thermomechanical Particle Simulations
  50. Microscopic Time Reversibility and Macroscopic Irreversibility -- Still a Paradox?
  51. Molecular Dynamics, Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics, and Clausius' Inequality
  52. Coexisting Attractors in Compressible Rayleigh-Benard Flow
  53. Time-Reversible Dissipative Attractors in Three and Four Phase-Space Dimensions
  54. Shear Modulus of Fluids and Solids
  55. Mécanique de Nonéquilibre à la Californienne
  56. Simulation of Two-Dimensional Kolmogorov Flow with Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  57. Temperature Maxima in Stable Two-Dimensional Shock Waves
  58. Multifractals from Hamiltonian Many-Body Dynamics
  59. Ergodicity, Mixing, and Time Reversibility for Atomistic Nonequilibrium Steady States
  60. Time Reversibility in Nonequilibrium Thermomechanics
  61. Comment on "Modified Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics for Fluid Flows with Energy Conservation"
  62. Large-System Hydrodynamic Limit for Color Conductivity in Two Dimensions
  63. Comment on "Toward a Statistical Thermodynamics of Steady States"
  64. Isomorphic Multifractal Shear Flows for Hard Disks via Adiabatic and Isot\kinetic Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics
  65. Chaos and Irreversibility in Simple Model Systems
  66. Lyapunov Instability of Two-Dimensional Fluids: Hard Dumbbells
  67. Maxwell's Thermal Creep in Two Space Dimensions
  68. Heat Flux at the Transition from Harmonic to Chaotic Flow in Thermal Convection
  69. Liouville's Theorems, Gibbs' Entropy, and Multifractal Distributions for Nonequilibrium Steady States
  70. Heat Conduction in One-Dimensional Chains and Nonequilibrium Lyapunov Spectrum
  71. Entropy Production and Lyapunov Instability at the Onset of Turbulent Convection
  72. "What is Liquid?", Understanding the States of Matter
  73. Multifractals from Stochastic Many-Body Dynamics
  74. Isomorphism Linking Smooth Particles and Embedded Atoms
  75. Comment on "Maximum of the Local Entropy Production Becomes Minimal in Stationary Processes"
  76. Entropy Increase in Confined Free Expansions via Molecular Dynamics and Smooth Particle Applied Mechanics
  77. The Statistical Thermodynamics of Steady States
  78. Anisotropic Plasticity with Embedded-Atom Potentials